DIY Tomato Cage Tinsel Tree


*Tomato Cage (there are so many sizes and colors you can choose from)

*Tinsel Garland

*Christmas lights 1-2 strands

*Floral wire or twist ties

1. Lay out your lights underneath the tinsel garland. This is a great way to make sure you have the same length strands and to hide the wires of the lights.

2. Attach tinsel garland and lights to the tomato cage along the wires on the side. I used silver floral wire to secure all the strands to the cage. Twist ties would work great too!

3. Keep wrapping until you reach the top! Add a pretty tree topper or a star and you're done!

I really loved making this! My favorite thing about it, is that it looks great during the day and when the lights are on. This is a really fun and cheap way to add a large, statement piece to Christmas decorations!

Enjoy and let me know if you decide to try making one! <3 Happy Crafty Mama

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