Simple Scrunchie

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

These are such a fun project! They are also really simple and a great place to start if you are learning how to sew! You can use leftover scrap fabric or purchase a fat quarter or 1/4 a yard for a great price!

Supplies Needed

-1/4 yard or less of fabric
-7-8" piece of elastic (I like to use fold-over elastic because it feels super soft on your hair) Any elastic less than 1'2 wide will work
-safety pin

1. Cut fabric 3" wide x 19' long

2. Pin fabric right sides together (pattern to pattern)

3. Sew fabric together using a 1/4" seam allowance

4. Attach safety pin to end and turn fabric right side out.

5. Attach safety pin to elastic and insert inside the fabric tube. Gather the fabric and hold on to the lose end of elastic.

6. Line up elastic pieces and hold in place while you gently place under presser foot. Sew the elastic together, backstitch a few time to secure the seam.

7. Tuck under the ends of fabric under and insert one inside of the other. Gently place under presser foot and sew through all the layers.

Tada! You just made your own scrunchie!

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